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Community Corner

Our lovely community members make community actions successful, achievable, and fun at the same time.

One Breath

In 2019, Achieving Community Tasks successfully dba ACTS began the first community-led air monitoring network (Texas) in the Pleasantville community with the support of Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) and Texas Southern University (TSU). The location of the community next to major freeways – over 300K trucks daily (Source TX Dot Houston District Truck Mobility Study, September 2020), rail, and chemical releases contribute to poor air quality.

Air Quality Initiative

Big goals are achieved in small steps. Our environmental movement is organized in a way that allows everyone to participate.


The residents of Pleasantville identified air quality as one of the top five priorities for the community in January 2018. By November 2019, the community-led air monitoring network was being implemented. Today the network consists of a total of 8 low-cost monitors measuring both particulate matter (PM2.5) and nitrous dioxide (NO2). Monthly reports are generated to document air quality measurements. This information is also available on the website.

The Pleasantville community sustained significant flooding in 2000 (Allison) and again in 2017 (Harvey)

Why Fight For Environmental Racism in Houston?

According to the reports, Houston is the 9th most polluted city in the US.

Air Quality Index
Houston ranks below average on the air quality index.
Asthmatic Students
A report in 2019 suggested markedly increases cases of asthma in Houston schools.
Percentage of Mental & Physical Retardation
Air pollution is affecting 10% of the children with mental or physical retardation.

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